Sales and Successes

I have been extremely lucky and sold 175 stories to magazines in the UK, Australia, Sweden, Ireland and South Africa.

Fiction Publications

24 stories to Take a Break's Fiction Feast 

34 stories to My Weekly 

18 stories and 1 serial to The People's Friend 

9 stories to The Weekly News

38 stories to That's Life! Australia 

25 stories to Allas 

11 stories to Best
5 stories to Woman's Weekly
1 story to Ireland's Own 
8 stories to Yours (5(oz)) 3(uk))
1 story to You - South Africa 

Non-Fiction Publications

Hats off to the Past, Coats off to the Future. Local history book.
'The World of Online Writing Groups' Writers' Forum 

'A Childhood War' Best of British Magazine

'History of Hermitage' Hitchin Comet


'Summer Hat' shortlisted in Writers' News 2009